Friday, January 30, 2009

TiCkLe FiGhT!!!

Today the boys decided they wanted to play in little man's crib. So as A and I were talking, We put them in there. (who wouldn't pass up the opportunity to put rowdy boys in a confined playing space with their okay to do so!)
Before we knew it, we heard giggling and this is what we found! Little H and Little man in a TiCkLe FiGhT!! What good is it to have a best friend over if you aren't going to have a little fun right?


Christina said...

How come you never invite me to have tickle fights with you, Jenny?

I can't get over how adorable these two are togther! They are ridiculous and I love it!

I love little Rylan. He is so precious :)

Christina said...

These two are so adorable! I cannot get over it! It is cool to see how much they hit it off at such a young age :)
Jenny, How come you never ask me to have tickle fights?

Momma said...

oh my goodness those are the best pictures!!!! :)