Saturday, July 31, 2010

Vacation #1- Swimming @ Grammy's

On the third day of our first summer vacation, we spent a fun low-key day at my mom's {Grammy} house swimming and grilling out. 

my little dare devil tested my sanity {no thanks to daddy}

Sweet A spent her time in the kiddie pool instead

She saw little man jumping leaps and bounds
decided to give it a try
and even after my help and coorsion
decided that swinging was more her style.

Mom and I sat outside and visited in the heat. 
Be careful mentioning the need to cool off....hehe

Later that night, my brother J and Mimi came out to eat and celebrate Mimi's birthday

and of course the boys squeezed in a nap ;)

Later that night when the house was quiet, bellies were fed, and sun had cooled, our cute little family went for a late night dip!

it was doodle bugs first swim! He didnt know what to think of it at first, but I think he kind of liked it!

can you guess which parent is the neurotic one?
of course! ME!!

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Friday, July 30, 2010

Vacation #1- Dinosaur world

{or 'dinosaur zoo' if you ask little man}

On day two of our first summer vacation {that is a tad confusing, but stay with me} we went to Dinosaur World. If you remember little man's first adventure here, he was STILL talking about it and asking EVERY time we got in the car if we were going back to the dinosaur zoo. I was super excited to finally answer yes!!! The best part was having Grammy and my sweet niece A come along!

We started with a yummy picnic that Grammy packed for us.

the kiddos were anxious to getting going

Then we went to the dinosaur dig

showing off his loot

Then off to the great playground they have!
Sweet girl played on the swing 

little man climbed
{look at how red their tiny faces were! that is what we get for going in july!!}

We then went to the museum. Very educational, but most importantly AIR CONDITIONED!

And then, for the main attraction- the dino tour!! 
Sweet A was our tour guide. She started off by "reading" {or you could call it repeating everything right after I said it} each dino's name and what made them unique. 
Me: this one is a stegosaurus!
A: Yep, stegosaurus! 

acting "scared" of the crazy ones

we had fun playing with the TRex

Proof I was there.. hehe! 

And before leaving, we stopped off by the coy pond to feed the HUGE coy fish! The kiddos had a blast- red faces and all!

We couldnt leave before feeding the kids to the TRex!

more from our vacations to come!

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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Vacation #1- Rangers Vs. Athletics

We took a much needed mini vacation to visit my family and poke around my old stomping grounds. There is a ton to do in the Ft. Worth area, so we decided to fill up our weekend with as much fun as possible!

We have a future baseball player and huge fan on our hands with little man, and thought we would satisfy him by taking him to a rangers game. My hubby gets half off tickets since he is a school teacher, so we got GREAT seats for cheap!

My sweet niece and wonderful mother {that claims I don't blog enough about her} came with us. 

Here are the cutest kiddos on earth, ready for the big game!

Walking running to the field

close up of the cuteness

and me, your photographer {and assistant} for the evening
{he LOVES this peanut shell!}

We had great seats, right behind 1st base

The rangers had some of the cutest cheerleaders this game!

{"I hold that baby" she demanded. Love that girl! Note that he is almost as big as she is!!}

Home run fireworks!
{little man got a tad scared, but then wanted more and more of them! I am sure the rangers did too!}

Little man got to meet the mascot, Rangers Captian. He talked about this the rest of the night!

...and in case you are wondering, yes they have a "healthy alternatives" stand and I enjoyed a yummy veggie dog, fresh fruit, and veggie chips! 

Greatest grammy in the world!

Our rangers family photo
Now those are some fans!

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