Thursday, December 31, 2009

Potty Training Diaries: Day 1

Well today marks day one of our potty training adventure. If Ms. Lora Jensen is correct, this should only last 3 days. 

We are at the close of the first day, and to say that I am exhausted, would be the understatement of the year. I have spent every waking moment of the day with my eyes glued to my child, repeating "If you need to go potty, be sure and tell mommy. We want to keep our underwear dry!"  Stopping only to have a "quick test" to get him to check his undies and praise him for their dryness.
We had a day full of accidents, spot cleaning carpet, running to the potty, and changing sheets. I have to just keep reminding myself, that he will catch on. I have read and re-read the 3 day potty training e-book and am trying to stay positive. I have to totally agree with her in that 80% of the prolonging of the potty training process is the parents fault, not the child's. She also says that the perfect age to potty train any child is 22months and that it is actually harder to potty train a child at little man's age (2.5) because they are in the habit of going in a diaper. I can attest to that.

Day 2 begins tomorrow and I am now going to bed to wake up rested and positive about tomorrow! I have a fridge stocked with fun different fluids to keep him excited about drinking all day and a bag full of prises for the exciting times he will go in the potty!

I will keep you posted...

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Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas x 6

With our family scattered all over Texas, we have several {6 to be exact} Christmas gatherings!

Here are some photos of the different visits!

Family Christmas
First, we spend time opening presents with our little family!

He got tons of books, a wooden air plane and this fun track set! He loved opening presents!

Daddy's Family Christmas
First stop: Grandma and Granddad's

next stop: memaw and papa's!

quilt i made for baby L

Final stop: the fam! 

Mama's Family Christmas
The last Christmas gathering was with my family! I made quilts for my mom and mimi's bed and a sweet little kitchen set for my adorable niece!

photos of the lovelies I made:

Finally, my aunt and uncle's:

Tons of fun and family togetherness!! Huge thanks to our families for all that they did for us! I got a new Nikon D60 and daddy got a Wii and Wii fit!

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Saturday, December 19, 2009

16 weeks Pregnant! {It's a........}

At 16 weeks I am starting to feel better. I feel tired and nauseous less often and have only gotten sick a few times this last month! {there is hope for me!!!}
I feel you move inside of me a few times a day {usually when I am really still and resting}! We are so super excited because we actually just found out what your gender is!!!

Suprise, Surprise!!! You are in fact a BOY {not a girl like your silly mommy swore you were}!! I guess pregnancies can be that much different, even with the same gender pregnancy!!

We are now picking new names and making a whole new inspiration board for your nursery! The exciting part is, we can now shop!!! We just set up our registry and I am now hunting on fabric to make your bedding! I have a new breath of excitement on all the new decisions to be made. We are so so thankful to have you and I know little man will LOVE to have a little brother to play with!!!

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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Christmas lights

This year we started a little family tradition. We went by Starbucks and all got a hot chocolate to keep us warm and toasty. Then with Christmas music blaring, we went looking at Christmas lights!
Little man loved pointing out all of the snowmen {i think they are his favorite} and "christmas' " which is Santa. We had so much fun!

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Monday, December 7, 2009

it's beginning to look a lot like...


We had so much fun decorating our tree as a family this year! Little man was big enough to help and insisted that it be "his turn" every ornament. 

The finished tree {grin}

brown paper packages tied up with string- these are a few of my favorite things!

The we ate yummy cookies!

Daddy then read little man the story of Jesus' birth- the real Christmas story!

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