Sunday, September 26, 2010

Quick trip home

I miss my family and it is very hard to live this far from them. I do, however, love that I can pop over to visit and be back home in the same day!! This weekend we went to visit my mom {grammy} and Mimi and even squeezed in a trip to my brothers to see him and my niece! 

The boys got a chance to snuggle up with Mimi!

she seemed as smitten as they did!

Perfect opportunity for little man to share his latest favorite bed time story...

Then sweet A got to love on "her baby" when we went to visit my brother, Uncle J! She LOVES doodle bug and was so so protective of him. She hated when we had to leave!!

Love our quick trips home!

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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Does whatever a spider can

Spiderman, Spiderman, 
Does whatever a spider can. 
Spins a web, any size, Catches thieves just like flies. 
Look out! Here comes the Spiderman

Is he strong? Listen bud— 
He's got radioactive blood. 
Can he swing from a thread? 
Take a look overhead. 
Hey there! There goes the Spiderman.

In the chill of the night, 
At the scene of the crime, 
Like a streak of light, 
He arrives just in time!

Spiderman, Spiderman, 
Friendly neighborhood Spiderman. 
Wealth and fame, he's ignored— 
Action is his reward. 
To him, 
Life is a great big bang-up— 
Wherever there's a hang-up, 
You'll find the Spiderman!
My SIL has started a little tradition of buying the boy's costumes for Halloween. While in the car chatting, we asked little man what he wanted to be for Halloween this year. Without skipping a beat, he said "I be Spiderman!" I asked him what doodle bug should be and he thought for a minute. "Bug be Hulk!!" He continued without hesitation, "Daddy be Deadpool, and mommy....mommy who you gonna be?" All I could come up with was Wonder Woman, and thus the superhero Halloween squad was born!
Little man got his costume in and wanted to wear it right away! 
{Who can resist that heart-stopping smile??}
We recently had crazy colors bluebell ice cream while visiting Salado. To little man, this is simply "Spiderman Ice cream" and it is his favorite! I asked him if he wanted some ice cream after dinner and of course he requested Spiderman ice cream please! Spiderman ice cream it was, then!
I took some red and blue food coloring, a few bowls and the beloved Blue Bell homemade vanilla.
I took the 2 smaller bowls and put a scoop of ice cream in 
{can you tell little man is obsessed in love with silly bands? 
I added several squirts of the food coloring to make both spiderman blue and spiderman red.
After stirring them well and getting the colors perfect, I added them in the ice cream bowl.
I carefully swirled the two colors together and waaaalaaa!
Spiderman ice cream was born!
{It was a HUGE hit too! *GRIN*}
Just another eventful night in the McClure household!
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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Scarf Swap ;)

Meredith hosted her second annual Scarf Swap this month. My lovely partner was Kelsey from The Balch Bunch. So funny- we live about 15mins from each other and she actually grew up in the town I currently live! Small world!!!

She sent me this super cute scarf:
{camera is in the shop, so i borrowed this photo from the web ;)  }

and I made her this one {and myself a matching one of course! It was just too cute!}

wearing it in the middle

to the side

and around the neck! 

I may put a few up in my store or etsy- who knows!

Thanks Kelsey!!! Thank you Meredith for hosting it again!! 
Great fun to break up the week!

Click here to see all the swappers! 

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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Herrington Wedding

Our sweet friends from college finally tied the knot! The Herringtons were in our wedding forever ago and we were so blessed to be there to watch this sweet couple share their wedding vows.

To a life of happiness that brings glory to God!

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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

family photos :)

The wonderful Laura did it again!! Our family photo shoot turned out WONDERFUL!
Here we are Daddy 28, Mommy 27, Little man 3.5, & Bug 3mo

These are a few of my favorites!!

If you need family photos done in the DFW area, you should totally look Laura Stiller up! 
She rocks my socks!

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Bug is 4 months!

Oh buggy boo, how you melt my heart and cause it to swell at the same time! 

You are the sweetest, cuddliest baby on the planet and you LOVE your mama!!

you love that thumb too... hehe
Yes that is you sleeping in the swing while sucking your thumb
{my heart skips a beat}

That paci isnt so bad either

You had your first bottle this month 
{filled with mommy's milk of course}
You didn't know what to think, and kept looking at daddy with the super confused look on your face. After pushing it away several times, I think we MAY have gotten an ounce down..hehe. I guess no relying on bottles in your near future!

You wore your first pair of shoes this month ;)

This ball is your favorite toy! You have such an easy time playing with it.
{and your brother loves cartoons..hehe}

You are starting to scoot forward off the front of the boppy

comforted after a little rug burn on your face- silly boy!

Video's of my little buggy scooting

Taking a bathroom break

Scooting on

And i took some sweet photos of your little rolls. I know one day they will be all gone and my memory of them will fade. How I love to squeeze you!
{yes i am tearing up writing this post!} 

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