Sunday, May 31, 2009


I just received the "Kreativ Blogger" Award!!

Look for my new award in proudly placed in my sidebar! A special thanks to Sara Bonds- the mama behind mostly wordless Wednesday HQ!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Splish Splash Birthday Bash!!

My sweet, sweet little man is 2!!! I tear up as my hands type those very words! Oh, it feels like yesterday that I was holding that sweet boy for the first time, knowing my life would never be the same. I cannot express what a joy these 2 years have been and how my cup overflows.


We celebrated his birthday at a splashground near by. It was the BEST place to have a party!! It was free (!!), had the splashgounds, a regular playground, covered pavilion, and huge acreage for games such a bocce ball, washers, Frisbee and baseball! We will definitely frequent here this summer!


I made these invites by hand! I love the special touch of handmade invites!


Well, I guess I have done something right as a mother. Little man wanted nothing to do with the cupcakes :-/ My wonderful husband designed the cake and completely took care of it for me!


We had yummy turkey dogs! Daddy did a great job grilling- little man ate 3!!!


We were honored to have our loving families and dearest friends there to help celebrate! We had fun playing washers, bocce ball and Frisbee!


I put together cute little party favors for the kiddos. The buckets had ice cream cone shaped bowls and spoons, water splash balls, mini Frisbees, sidewalk chalk, play dough and crayons. The kiddos loved them!!


These pictures need no words! We had a blast splashing and the kiddos loved it!! (well, except for little man...LOL. He spent his time on the regular playground!!) Isn't it beautiful!


Little man got so many presents it felt like Christmas!!

(Umbrella stroller, bubble machine, TONS of Mellisa & Doug puzzles, toy shopping cart, toddler bedding, play dough, color wonder set, Dino rice crispy set, bubble mower, sprinkler toy, much needed clothes, magna-doodle, Melissa & Doug train, Lego's, wooden play food, Letter magnets, sidewalk chalk and a whole room organization overhaul from Ikea to store it all! LOL!)

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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Before and After





Today marked little man's second (yes i said second- so what? I like his curls and i hear the mullet is coming back..LOL) haircut and was time to say goodbye to those sweet curls. If you remember, he didn't have a haircut until his first birthday and since his big 2nd birthday party is coming up we thought there was no time like the present. {and yes it might have had a little something to do with last weeks WW post where i even referred to him as "little man," but just about every other comment said "she!" LOL!}

He didn't want to sit by himself, so i had to cape myself up (you know- dress up like the super woman we as mothers are) and sat him in my lap. The freak out began as she sprayed water on his head.

"What were you thinkin' mama?? You KNOW this child hates to be sprayed! Here he is, already afraid of this crazy lady in this cheap sailboat themed barber shop holding scissors (!?!) and you let her spray him??" my mom radar was off...

He eventually warmed up a bit and let her quickly cut just an inch off his curls. I wanted her to keep some of them- I am not ready to let go of the "baby" still in him! He did manage to raid her drawers however. Those guards were "blocks" for the time being...LOL.

After the torture, we thought we would finally let him get on the carousel at a local mall. He has been throwing a fit over that thing our last few visits and unfortunately we have been in time crunches a lot lately. We walk up upon closing and begged the poor lady to keep it open for us. And yep, you guessed it....


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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Nature's Playground

This week for our play group, we took the little ones to the Arboretum! It is amazing how much fun kids can have with the simplicity of nature. We didn't get to stay as long as we would have liked, but the kiddos sure had fun! This is a place we will definitely frequent this summer!

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Wordless (or Wordful) Wednesday -Bear Bathing

This morning, I woke up to my sweet little man calling for me. I went in his room, gave him a hug and was rushed by the wonderful smell of urine. I look down to see that daddy put the wrong cloth diaper on him in the middle of the night and now he was soaked from head to toe! I grabbed him and went straight to the bath. Because he had just woken up, he had his teddy bear "Baxter" tucked securely under his arm. As i water filled up and the bubbles appeared i took off his wet clothes and diaper and sat his bear on our decorative basket of towels about a foot away from the tub. After getting him him the tub, i popped 2 steps across the hall to make me some coffee. I heard little man singing in a sweet voice and stuck my head around to see his cute self. What i found was him bathing Baxter and singing all the while. I guess he felt his bear needed a bath too!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Summer has begun...

You know summer is here when you can get into the pool with minimal wincing! Our family along with our dear friends the "S" family spend memorial day at the pool and grilled some yummy hotdogs! Little man took a while to warm up to the cool water, but I bet in as little as a month and he will be a fish swimming on his own!