Friday, January 29, 2010

updates a comin'...

Hey folks! If you are still tuned in, which I understand if you have deserted my wasteland of a blog, I am going to be updating like crazy tonight.

Expect OLD posts- and tons of them!

{oh, and i promise to do better....}

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Monday, January 11, 2010

20wks & Nursery Idea Board!

20 Weeks Pregnant!!
Well, I have officially hit the 5 month mark and that means I am over half way there!!! My sweet baby boy is moving more than ever and is even kicking hard enough that Daddy just got to feel him! I am still sick here and there, but that is definitely getting better. I have started doing yoga on Wii fit, to stay healthy and active so I can stick to my goal of not gaining more that 25-30lbs with pregnancy! I have only gained 13lbs so far!! yay! {that is a BIG difference that my pregnancy with little man- I guess you live and learn, huh?!}
Little man is starting to understand a bit more and gets exciting about picking out things {registry and such} for his sweet brother!
We have a name picked out, I just need help with a "blog name" for him?!?!?!

Since we now know we are having a boy {!!}, I thought I would spend some time making a new inspiration board for the nursery and throw this one out! {GRIN}
We have already received the bedding {YAY!} and so here are the ideas that sprang from it:

For great nursery ideas I turn to Project Nursery and Spearmint Baby. To put together the fun collages, I used Picnik {and it was free!}

Any ideas you love? What are your ideas??

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Say Anything S.2 E.8 {and potty training update!}

Well, here it is! In all of it's glory, the infamous potty training photo complete with reward in hand! He is doing so so well!! He is now going #2 in the potty and letting me know that he needs to "hold his sword" which is code for "I need the sword that you promised would make going #2 not scary and not hurt!!"  He is also not had a night accident in 4 nights!!! I think we are officially day and night time potty trained! *sigh*

This means 4 months of no diapers!!!
{then another 2 years when #2 is due in may...}

Little man is such a conversationalist. It amazes me the conversations he can have at this age. I feel like I am talking to an adult sometimes and have to just shake my head and remind myself that he is only 2!

here is a gem from this morning that made me laugh as I was waking up:

{little man opens his door -yeah, he just figured that out and I have mixed emotions about it- and comes in our room, jumping on the bed, and plopping down in between us.}

Daddy: Good morning little man.
Little man: Daddy's a princess!
{this is something he says to me to be super affectionate}
Daddy: Daddy's not a princess...
Little man: Daddy's not a princess??
Daddy: Daddy is.... is a King.
Little man: Daddy's a king??
Daddy: And, little man is a prince.
Little man: No, little man is another king.


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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Potty Training Diaries: Day 3 {the conclusion}

Well, here we are. The last day of our 3 day potty training adventure has drawn near. We are here at the end of the finish line. What was the outcome, you ask?


The tough 3 days paid off and now our little man is prancing around in big boy undies and isn't looking back at diapers at all!! We woke up dry this morning and have had the same undies on all day!! He was in great spirits and called both grammy and nana to tell them what a BIG boy he is!

We are so proud!!

I can't speak for this program enough. I was doubtful on day #2, but so glad we stuck to it! We still havent gone #2 in the potty, that is our next obstacle.

{at least for 4 more months- ; ) }

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Potty Training Diaries: Day 2

Day 2 of our 3 day potty training adventure has come and gone. To say it was no easy feat would be the understatement of the year. We are emotionally and physically exhausted and ready to throw in the towel. I think this has actually been the hardest thing in parenting thus far.

We only had 3 accidents today, and 5 victories!! That is much better than yesterday where we had MANY accidents and little to no victories- I have to keep reminding myself of that. As part of the 3 day potty training e-book, you get live help from Lora. I logged on tonight and realized we picked the WORST time to potty train! LOL!! She takes very few days off, but new years eve and new years are 2 of the ones blacked out. Lucky for us, those are day 2 and 3 for us!!! ugg....

Little man got angry towards the end of the day wanted to go no where near the restroom. He was mean to his daddy and mommy and my heart began to break. I had to remind myself that this is for him and 3 days of hell is better than washing anymore cloth diapers or dragging out the potty training 6+ months as most do. "Just rip the bandaid off," I kept telling myself. I know that there is an ending to this. My husband reminded me that everyone {including us} have all had to go through this and we are all potty trained. As crazy as it sounds, that was actually comforting to me.

Tonight I re-read the e-book and she explains how the child will have one big push of resistance before it is all over. The "fight to keep the diapers" if you will. I think that is exactly what happened the second half of the day, and I am hopefully and positive that tomorrow- WE WILL BE POTTY TRAINED!

stay tuned...

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