Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Having a child made us really look at how we celebrate Christian Holiday's under a large microscope. We want our children growing up really understanding that Christmas has nothing to do with Santa and Easter has nothing to do with silly bunnies. Christ should be on the forefront of our minds every day and especially during these holidays with such special meaning. We did put together something super small for my little man and niece ($3 but this may or may not continue with age/understanding. We will hit that when we come! Easter was spent with our amazing church family and then we had a lunch and relaxed with my family!

little man and my niece enjoying there goodies

this is how the boys spend every get

little man wanted to hug grammy and mimi while eating... cute cuddly kid!

Picture of our sweet family

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Claire's World said...

My favorite is the last picture!!! TOO cute!