Saturday, January 2, 2010

Potty Training Diaries: Day 3 {the conclusion}

Well, here we are. The last day of our 3 day potty training adventure has drawn near. We are here at the end of the finish line. What was the outcome, you ask?


The tough 3 days paid off and now our little man is prancing around in big boy undies and isn't looking back at diapers at all!! We woke up dry this morning and have had the same undies on all day!! He was in great spirits and called both grammy and nana to tell them what a BIG boy he is!

We are so proud!!

I can't speak for this program enough. I was doubtful on day #2, but so glad we stuck to it! We still havent gone #2 in the potty, that is our next obstacle.

{at least for 4 more months- ; ) }

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Tracy said...

WAHOO!! That's awesome!!! Congrats momma What are you using at night/naps? I'd love some suggestions for cloth options.

McClure Family said...

She actually discourages using anything. he has woke up dry from nap and all night the last 2 nights!! I make cloth trainers though! i am stocking them next week!! or

Pam said...

Yea for being potty trained! Enjoy those four diaper free months!

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...