Monday, January 11, 2010

Say Anything S.2 E.8 {and potty training update!}

Well, here it is! In all of it's glory, the infamous potty training photo complete with reward in hand! He is doing so so well!! He is now going #2 in the potty and letting me know that he needs to "hold his sword" which is code for "I need the sword that you promised would make going #2 not scary and not hurt!!"  He is also not had a night accident in 4 nights!!! I think we are officially day and night time potty trained! *sigh*

This means 4 months of no diapers!!!
{then another 2 years when #2 is due in may...}

Little man is such a conversationalist. It amazes me the conversations he can have at this age. I feel like I am talking to an adult sometimes and have to just shake my head and remind myself that he is only 2!

here is a gem from this morning that made me laugh as I was waking up:

{little man opens his door -yeah, he just figured that out and I have mixed emotions about it- and comes in our room, jumping on the bed, and plopping down in between us.}

Daddy: Good morning little man.
Little man: Daddy's a princess!
{this is something he says to me to be super affectionate}
Daddy: Daddy's not a princess...
Little man: Daddy's not a princess??
Daddy: Daddy is.... is a King.
Little man: Daddy's a king??
Daddy: And, little man is a prince.
Little man: No, little man is another king.


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Pam said...

Lol at little man! Congrats on the potty training!

Jason said...

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