Saturday, February 27, 2010

Sesame Street Live

In trying to be a "fun" mom, I look for new and exciting events/things to take little man to.  When I heard that Sesame Street Live was in Dallas, I knew that little man would LOVE it!

With the move and how topsy-turvy our little world had been lately, I knew he would really benefit from a night out that was all about him. My SIL was coming into town to help with the final push of our move {the decorating/staining/painting process} so she came to see Elmo with us.

Sesame Street was all he talked about all day long- he even fell right to sleep during nap time so he could hurry up and see Cookie Monster.

He spent the first 15 minutes on the edge of his seat with this super serious look on his face. He was in utter amazement and did not have a clue of what to think.

Every several minutes, he would lean over with a huge smile and squeeze my arm, hugging it super tight.

The show was super cute! The message was to 1. close your eyes 2. Imagine where you wanna go 3. open your eyes and you can go anywhere!

{little man playing along!}

Little man likes Elmo, but he would go crazy when Cookie Monster would come out. The highlight of my night, and what made it worth every penny for the good seats we had, was the moment that little man leaned over and gave me a huge hug and said "i wove you mommy, and i WOVE this one!!" as he pointed to the stage. My heart melted and if I had the world to give, it would have been his!

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natalie said...

super sweet! looks like a great outing--and looks like he had the time of his life! :)