Saturday, March 5, 2011

No pudge fudge

Saw this at sprouts this week and it had me very curious. Fat free, all natural brownies that use yogurt and you can make single servings in 60 seconds??? OKAY!

You start out by adding 1T of Non-fat plain yogurt for every 2T of mix

look at that batter!! 
Now microwave for 60 seconds

Sampling the batter

this is what it looks like out of the microwave... 
can you smell it??? mmmm....

and then, eat that yummy goodness! 
This was such a treat! I felt like i was splurging on dessert, but it wasnt a splurge! YUM! I am keeping this as a staple in our house for sure! 
{and no i am not getting paid in any way to tell you this...hehe}

It was enjoyed by all!

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Stephanie M said...

i LOVE No Pudge Fudge!! I tried it when i saw it in my Eat this, Not that book!! i didn't know you could make single servings though... i should try that!!