Friday, March 4, 2011

Thrift store hoppin'

Guess where I went today?? 

oh. i guess the title sorta gives that away huh?

Ahem. Well, I went to 4 {!!} different thrift stores today and found some goodies!!

the table on the left is a long folding table that i think most of you will say "my parents have one like that!" It is great, folds up, and has a snap and handle! $15

the trunk isnt a reproduction like we see most of the time. it is truly vintage. It has a huge lock on the front and an old key attached to open it!! the inside is spotless and I am so so happy i found it! it is going to be one of little man's bday presents. I think it will be great to store his superhero costumes! $15

the other card table is a vintage Samsonite card table that was only $3.50!

that yarn is for a special project! $1

look at this huge vintage sheet score!! 
would you believe me if i told you i walked away paying only $5 {!!} for all three of these full size sheet SETS?!?!?!? swoooon.

here is a photo of my boys... 
...i think i wore them out. bug slept like that for over 45mins and little man ASKED to sit in the basket. troopers.

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natalie said...

did you get that trunk from the place by my house? I think i saw it. We have one just like it from when Kyle was little---actually Riley got locked in it at some playgroup...poor girl!! But she was so cool and calm about it.
And are you making a beautiful special something for a beautiful special baby girl coming soon from those sheets? She would love those--they're great!