Friday, February 6, 2009

Swap! *~*Favorite things*~*

After stumbling upon i can officially say i am hooked! Swaps are SOOO much fun and who doesn't love snail mail!
My first swap was "favorite things swap."

Things i sent:

Gauze scarf, chocolate covered peanuts, sour gummy worms, rock candy, reusable produce bags and green living for dummies, soft lips chap stick, extra sugar free gum, sandwich cutter, silver tx spoon (she collects those) and a tx postcard!

Things from my swap partner Wendy:

home sweet home sign (looks GREAT outside our door!), note card set, carmex lip balm, candle, mouse pad, note pad, Arkansas coozy and tattoos, magnetic picture frames, postcard, and custom mix cd of her life via song (i LOVED this idea!). Thanks Wendy!!

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