Saturday, May 16, 2009

E-Ah's Bachelorette Party/ Lingerie Shower!

My dear friend (since 6th grade!!) E-ah is about to * finally * get married! I threw her bachelorette party/lingerie shower this weekend! Here are the cute invites i handmade for it!

We started the night at Dick's Last Resort! I made her a cute pink and black veil to match her sash and pin i bought her! She looked cute decked out in her bachelorette party gear!

The Matron of Honor and Bride-to-be!

Girls Night Out!

Funny Hats

Cake courtesy of Dicks Last Resort

Gift time!

Of course the bride-to-be was pulled up on stage- and dragged me with her! This guy was super creepy, but very funny!

Next stop- Gator's piano show!
E-ah was serenaded on the piano

then she had to shimmy!

...and danced with a cute bachelor...

even e-ah's mama got in on the action!

... with this hunk too!

They even pulled e-ah's gram and had the men sing to her too!

-i couldn't get out of it either! LOL!

What a fun girls night out! I hoped you loved it E-ah!



Claire's World said...

too cute!

the brock clan said...

Cute! Dang girl, your talents never cease to amaze me!