Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Say Anything S.2 E.3.5

In the spirit of the over whelming love I am feeling {at the moment} for my sweet little man, I wanted to catalog some of the super cute {and clever} things he has both said and did recently! 

  • Little man said his first lie when he was not quite 2. He had just started saying "NO(!)," much to my efforts to keep him from hopping on that toddler train. He would promptly get in trouble for saying it, so one time after he said 5/8 of the word and tried to suck the last 3/8 of it back in his mouth, I tried not to giggle. I said {in my stern mom voice}, "what did you just say? we don't say  'NO' little man!" to which he replied, "I said Oh...." - gotta love kids.
  • For the longest time he called me by my first name. It would make me cry when he would then turn to my husband and say "Daddy!"  Over time, I began to think it was funny and realized I have a huge plethora of other moms that come and go through my house during the day. He hears my name 10-15 times more than mama. 
  • He LOVES veggie tales! We don't let him watch an abundance of TV, but he does love him some Larry the cucumber and Bob the tomato! He could sing that song  very early on! He loves the beginning part when Larry plays the tuba!
  • He is probably the only child that can't share a bed with his parents. When we travel to my in-laws, we are in the same room. He is getting to the stage where the pack-n-play isn't cutting it when mom and dad are right next to him in this nice bed. So, he climbs in bed with us. Don't be alarmed- he hates it and so do we. He and I are both light sleepers and apparently toss-n-turn in our sleep. This is a bad recipe for a poor night sleep!
  • He has just learned to climb out of his crib with ease. I am sort of putting off changing it to a toddler bed. *sigh* Is he really a "big boy" enough for a "big boy" bed??
  • He has just started to really love to be rocked and sang to asleep. He loves for me to rub his had and play with his hair while singing until he is deep asleep! He didn't much like it when he was a baby so this is a sweet treat for a mother that thinks he is growing to fast. {he can sing the whole doxology by himself, as well as a few others because of this!}
  • He is really into construction stuff. He loves the big trucks and tractors as well as spotting the cranes in the skyline!
  • He loves playing in the water, and will even settle for the kitchen sink if he has to. 
  • He has a mystery phrase- "Te Cuppas." We have no idea what he is actually saying, but this can be used to mean "can i have that?" "pick me up," "turn that on," "take this." It is the funniest thing! He speaks so clearly and uses the proper words for everything but this one phrase! 
  • He just grew out of falling asleep with milk and now wakes up almost dry- almost time to potty train!!
  • He loves to put on his hats and "eyes" which are his sunglasses. 
  • We got a zoo pass for my birthday and have used it so much that every time we get in the car he says "giraffe, elephant, and lion!"
  • He is starting to say prayers by repeating after daddy and loves shouting "AMEN!" when others pray!
  • He has become really great at sharing and is quiet the nurturer in the play groups!
  • He is addicted to books! He could read all day if time allowed and loves to go to the library!
  • When throwing a fit, he catapults his whole body onto the floor in the most dramatic way possible. 
  • It is a real treat when he can go eat at the "cows" {chick-fila} - that is his favorite place!
  • He is still glued to his little bear "baster" {baxter} and it goes EVERYWHERE with us!
  • He likes to make a fake sad face and fake cry when he sees someone else crying or upset on tv. We can prompt him by saying "where is your sad face?" he is quiet the ham!
  • He hates time outs. Spank or scold him a million times and he isnt phased- put him on that time out chair and you just ruined his life! LOL!
  • He loves to dance to music- his favorite is Fiest's  Sealion woman.
  • He has fallen in love with some of the favorites from our childhood. Fraggle rock sort of rocks his socks!
  • He thinks it is hilarious to run through the house naked after a bath and scream laughing "nakie, nakie!"
  • He loves to help me cook. Anything in the kitchen really. He grabs his small time out chair and pulls it into the kitchen to help me so whatever it is i am doing!
I will continue to do this at the end of each month. It will be nice to look back and have a record of all of the small moments!

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Stephanie M said...

that is soooo sweet! I love that litte one! I can't wait to have my own babies so I can share fun stories like that! Miss y'all!

McClure Family said...

we cant wait for you to have babies either! we miss you too!!

Laura Stiller said...

LOVE this! And, I just noticed your Shelfari (which I use too!) - do you like the Time Traveler's Wife - that's on my "to read" list.

Pam said...

I think this is a great idea. It will help you remember all those cute and adorable things the kids do.
My kids loved Veggie Tales too. We sang those songs for years!

natalie said...

super sweet! I love reading all these things from mama's...I can't believe how quickly our little ones are growing up!

McClure Family said...

me neither! they were just babies yesterday!

Alexandra said...

I wish Sweet Pea would wake up dry....and we don't do milk at night. lol. I think he will wear diapers forever...

McClure Family said...

alex- i just take comfort in the fact he wont be in diapers when he is!

Tiffany said...

Adorable! Thanks for sharing!

sunnymama said...

Being a mum is so much fun isn't it! :)