Friday, September 18, 2009

Show us your place~ Kitchen & Dining room

Kelly over at Kelly's Korner does a little segment each Friday to show where you live! I have hopped on the train a little late and probably wont stick to her schedule, but i will each Friday show you a different room in my house! We are in the process of house hunting, so we will be leaving our great little apartment of 3yrs soon! This is a great way for me to remember the place we brought our beautiful little man home to!

This week I will show you our small kitchen and dining room! Complete with appliances that look like they are from the 70's {and not in a good way} and everything opposite from what I would have in a kitchen if it was up to me, the kitchen is sure to disappoint. {lol} The dining room is actually nice and roomy and we find ourselves spending quite a bit of time in here!


I love our fruit stand! {see my rooster? EVERY kitchen needs at least one rooster!}

tacky mom fridge- never thought I would see this

Dining room:

This is a vintage record player/radio and works! $15 at a thrift store= great find!!

This painting I found at Goodwill for $18!

This armoir holds all of our office goods!

Our table pulls out and seats 8! Great space-saver!

Thanks for stopping by to look! Check out the rest of our home by clicking the "Our Home" category!

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Pam said...

I really like your red kitchen. Lol about the fridge.

sunnymama said...

Your kitchen and dining room are lovely! Fantastic rooster (I want one!) and I love the picture from Goodwill. :)

oven handle said...

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