Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Day at the Zoo

Little man has been begging to go Zoo and see the animals {he actually lists them off: the giraffe's, big monkeys, elephants}. We had our first glimpse of spring here in Dallas, and I knew exactly where we needed to go!

Thanks to the In-laws, we have great Zoo passes, so this means a free day of fun for us!

We were greeted by this beautiful sun peeking through the bamboo.

The greeter that took our passes gave little man a map that he used to guide us everywhere! He would say, "lets see the giraffe's... it is...... this way!" So stinkin' cute!

First stop was, of course, little mans favorite- Gorillas {or BIG monkeys as he calls them}

Then we rode the "train" or monorail that goes over the whole park!

He is so into animals right now, and would just sit and watch them

He is equally interested in the statue

We usually ride the horse, but we had to make do with this one since the horse rides were closed.

Little man was super silly today! He did this all by himself {a photo obsessed mama's dream}!!

Last stop: Carosel rides! His face says it all!

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