Wednesday, April 28, 2010

36 Weeks Pregnant!!



I first want to take a quick second and thank God that I am still pregnant and in a much safer "window" to deliver! In fact, next week I am considered "full term!"

I am in that stage where I am "done" being pregnant. I am miserable, huge and feel like I weigh a good 400lbs even though I have only gained 22lbs so far this pregnancy. I find it super hard to get comfortable at night to sleep, and when I do I quickly wake up to go potty! I am still throwing up like a crazy person- yes, even with phenergan that I am taking. I am just so ready and anxious to meet this little guy! He is so active in the womb, that I just know I am in for it! He is still head down and pretty low in my pelvis {which is super painful} and weighs a good 6-6.5lbs right now! His room is ready, as well as all of his goodies I wanted to make sure were made for him when he arrived- photos are coming I promise! I am just so blessed to be carrying this sweet baby and can't wait to meet his face!

You can see more of my maternity shoot here!

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Laura Stiller said...

love, love, love your pics!

Stam House said...

Wow mama, those pictures are GORGEOUS!!! And look at that cute belly!!!!

I'm 34 1/5 weeks and feel pretty much like you, baby is super low and making me not to comfy!!! Morning sickness never left me either!!! and bladder is the size of a pea!!!!

Soon very soon baby will be here and all this will be in the past :-)

Have a wonderful day