Saturday, April 3, 2010

Kid friendly haircut

I have this huge fear come over me when I look down and notice that little man *needs* a haircut. We like to keep his hair shaggy-ish leaning more towards a teenage boy vibe then the little boy cut that most places default to cutting on kiddos his age. I have had a few minor breakdowns in the past when I turn around from getting my hair cut {yes, I have learned that getting mine done at the same time is one of the reasons for our predicament} and look at his super short and cut in the typical "boy" style. I have even paid as much as $35 at a more upscale barber shop thinking "surely, they can't mess it up!"   Boy was I wrong- and frustrated that I paid so much more for the same hair cut that pro-cuts could have done.
We just moved and while shopping in a near by strip, I saw this cute place called Cool Cuts 4 Kids. I thought, "why not? I have exhausted all resources, might as well!" This place is so fun!! They get to play games and watch movies while they get their hair cut in fun little cars!! Little man LOVED it and they actually cut his hair perfect!!




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