Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Coffee Date

We finally got together for a Girls Night Out {long overdue}! We ran to the local Border's to have coffee and catch up with each other {as well as local celebrity gossip-LOL}.

Can you say YUM? Smores brownie and Smores Frappuccino!

Little D oooo'd and awwww'd over all the latest must-haves

Sweet peanut got to join us on the Girls Night Out!

Coffee + Gossip Magazines + Friends = One GREAT girls night out!

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Alexandra said...

we need to do that again really soon!!!!

natalie said...

love that nursing!! I want to do that sometime too--looks and sounds amazing!

elyse said...

nurse that baby! ;)

Pam said...

THis looks like lots of fun, but I shouldn't have read this while I was hungry!