Thursday, October 15, 2009

8 Weeks Pregnant

I cannot believe that I am already 2 months along!! I am still as sick as a dog and it seems to be getting worse. {but if this is the trade off for this sweet baby growing inside of me, I will take it any day!}
Some of my saving graces are sea bands worn all day every day, pure organic ginger in pill form, papaya extract tablets, calms forte for sleep, cold mask for headaches and peppermint tea. ~gotta love homeopathic!!

I already have a little stock pile of things I have won on blog giveaways, been given as a gift or collected myself for you. I can't wait for you to meet your sweet little brother that kisses you every morning and insists that it is "baby's turn" after everything he does. We all already love you so much!!

I am starting to show now just a bit- you know that weird chubby/maybe pregnant look? And thanks to my dear MIL, I have some cute new maternity clothes for this winter.

Looking forward to next month! Hopefully it brings better nights sleep and no more nausa!

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the brock clan said...

Looking good! I don't think you have the pregnant chubby look, and I see you in person!