Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween Parties!!

Our first Halloween party involved a playgroup with a bunch of kiddos from church. There was a great turnout, tons of fun and games, and yummy food!

We brought "Witch Fingers" which were tiny stuffed calzones that looked like cut off witch fingers.

{ my adorable pirate! }

Spooky story time

Candy Hunt

Checking out his loot!

The cute kid's gym we take little man put together a cute Halloween party with games, prizes and we got to play on all of the fun equipment!

Pirate walking in with Daddy

Playing games

He picked out an eye patch for his prize!

where's little man??

THERE he is!!

His favorite was the zip line!!

Fun day of parties on all hallows-eve!

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Pam said...

Those witches fingers are pretty cool. Little Man looks awesome as a pirate. I bet he had a great time!

sunnymama said...

Your little pirate is adorable :) Love the witches fingers!