Saturday, October 31, 2009


This year for Halloween, we went over to our good friends to hang out, eat pizza, and trick-or-treat! This was little man's first time out trick-or-treating and he LOVED it! It was a nice low-key night and we had lots of fun as a family.

Our pirate family

Daddy walking little man to the first house

look at those eager kiddos
{this was our clan of kiddos- you can imagine what the home owners faces looked like when they opened the door to see this many kiddos!}

Mommy walking little man to house #2

He started really getting into it!

this is the table we had set up for trick-or-treaters to meet some of their neighbors

friends that stayed inside where it was warm

The night got the pirates seal of approval!

Our pirate pumpkins!

Goodies his aunt sent

Goodies his Grammy sent!

We had a super fun and successful night!

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the brock clan said...

It was fun! Nice picture of my big pregnant booty!

Beth P. said...

Rrrrrr, matey! Haha. What great costumes! Your little one is so handsome! I'm glad you were all able to enjoy halloween!

Jacci said...

He looked super cute! Love that the whole fam dressed up!!

Pam said...

He is such a cutie! I would be one of the friends who likes to stay in where it is warm. INstead, I had to walk around the neighborhood.

Alexandra said...

cute little pirate family! :)

Sara said...

Cute costumes!!!

I started a giveaway blog. Go check it out!

bearockr said...

Hello Mam, i just came across your blog and couldnt just go away! Its so much beautiful and has got a really nice design to it too. I have become a fan of your posts and the pictures of your little kid left me so speechless, i was reminded of my own childhood days too ( though i am just a teenager ) .. . You have a really lovely blog, and I am really glued to your upcoming posts and pics ! Just cant wait !