Monday, March 23, 2009

911 Scare

Tonight we had a huge scare with little man. He fell after getting out of the bath and cut his forehead on a stool in the floor. There was so much blood, my heart just stopped. It was horrible! I panicked and called 911 (we couldn't tell what was cut or how bad/deep due to the blood). After soaking up a whole towel with the blood from the cut they put a big bandage on it and said to monitor him for a concussion. I didn't sleep all night and just held him in my arms. This was our first injury :*(


the brock clan said...

oh, poor guy. that must have hurt and that is so scary...i remember one time riley climbed up a ladder when i turned around for 2.5 seconds and fell and hit her head and i was totally freaked out...I don't blame you!

Anonymous said...

oh my goodness!!! my poor nephew!! i hope it doesn'... oh my goodness!!! my poor rylan!! i hope it doesn't leave a bad scar... did he cut it on the stool that my dad made? i'm glad all of you are alright... especially him... at least y'all have his first scar story =)


Momma said...

poor little guy!! I am so glad he is ok! praise the Lord!