Sunday, March 8, 2009

Cloth Pads

In my journey to hippie-dom, i have completely changed my life and parenting style. In this path, we switched to all cloth. We use Cloth diapers, Cloth paper towels and napkins, and i have even switched to cloth pads. I know it sounds crazy, but i couldn't be more passionate about it and want EVERY woman to make the switch. So, i thought i would take a minute to inform ya about them, in hopes you will at least be informed enough to make an educated decision! i will even show you pics of my cloth pad stash! ;)

Tampons contain two things that are potentially harmful: Rayon (for absorbency),and dioxin (a chemical used in bleaching the products). The tampon industry is convinced that we, as women, need bleached white products in order to view the product as pure and clean. The problem here is that the dioxin produced in this bleaching process can lead to very harmful problems for a woman. Dioxin is potentially carcinogenic (cancer-associated) and is toxic to the immune and reproductive systems. It has also been linked to endometriosis and lower sperm counts for men. For both sexes, it breaks down the immune system. Last September, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reported that there really is no set "acceptable" level of exposure to dioxin given that it is cumulative and slow to disintegrate. The real danger comes from repeated contact(Karen Couppert "Pulling the Plug on the Tampon Industry"). I'd say using about 4-5 tampons a day, five days a month, for 38 menstruating years is "repeated contact", wouldn't you? Rayon contributes to the danger of tampons and dioxin because it is a highly absorbent substance. Therefore, when fibers from the tampons are left behind in the vagina (as usually occurs), it creates a breeding ground for the dioxin. It also stays in a lot longer than it would with just cotton tampons. This is also the reason why TSS (toxic shock syndrome) occurs.


Cloth pads-

Where to buy:

(those are my 2 favs!)


The Keeper- alternative to tampons and made from natural gum rubber!

Diva Cup- this is a great alternative to tampons and can be worn up to 12 hrs!



Momma said...

I think I will just stay pregnant forever so I can avoid them altogether!! lol.

Just kidding. I am going to try the diva cup after this pregnancy though. I will let you know how that goes.

McClure Family said...

LOL. i love my pads! thin and a tad of luxury all at the same time!

The Joys of having Boys said...

Wow, I really feel like we are getting personal. Those are some groovy patterns on those pads, I like them. Have a few questions though. I'll ask the next time I see you :) Which by the way I hope will be this Tuesday. Anyways, a friend of mine uses the Diva Cup and swears by it, I might try both alternative options.

McClure Family said...

YES! 2 down, thousands more to convert!!