Sunday, March 29, 2009

Tearful Farewell

We tearfully had to say goodbye to our 2 sweet cats today. We have had these cats since my sophomore year of college- 7yrs!!! I needed a companion to keep me company that summer while everyone abandoned our huge 6br house that i am convinced was haunted. I went to the local animal shelter seconds before they closed and promised i would take two kittens if they would let me in to adopt one. I fell in love with Emma!! She was the only black tortoise shell calico in the litter and i loved her coloring! I was hoping they would forget and let me sneak out with just the one kitty, but obviously they didn' I then picked sweet Sassy that would become my favorite cat and like a child to me. We have moved our kitty's all over this great state with us not knowing that this is the last move they would make with us. We are a part of an amazing community of believers that are truly living the Gospel. This means that we have someone in our house almost every day/night. Unfortunately, several of my dearest friends are severely allergic to cats which makes the seamless intertwining of our lives hard on them. We needed to find a GREAT home for our little furrbies and they HAD to be taken together. Those were both super important to me. Well after posting them on Craigslist, we got the answer to our prayers. A super sweet couple wanted to adopt our sweet kittens and promised to love them! It was super sad to see them go- probably harder than we could have imagined- but we took comfort in knowing that they would be loved more than we could love them at this time. We will miss you sweet kitty's!!

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