Thursday, March 19, 2009

Spring Break

This year, spring break for B fell in the month we would visit my family. We thought, what a great getaway to pop over to Grammy & Poppy's and hang out with them for a few days!

Little man thought he would drive us to the park

I tried to use this as an opportunity to get some great photos- little man just wanted to play

Sliding down the slide like a big boy- all by himself!

Sliding with Daddy in the big kid slide

My sweet niece Grammy, Mama, SIL, little man and niece

The next day we went shopping with Mimi! We had fun out and about in the town I grew up in! This is a photo of Mimi and little man watching veggie tales (of course) in the back seat!

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Momma said...

parks are soooo fun!