Friday, May 14, 2010

Our House: Part Two~ Formal living

When you walk in from the front door, the first room you enter is the formal living. This room doesnt get a ton of use, but does provide a nice reading area with tons of natural light. This room has our complete set up from our old apartment, with a few new additions here and there. 

This is the front door and the large set of windows you can see from the curb. I made the curtains myself from fun fabric via IKEA. That is the record player we used to have in our dining room that is one of our favorite vintage pieces. Also, you may notice we pulled a section of our sofa out to have an additional chair.

Yes, I am a germaphobe and perfer everyone take off there shoes at the door and place them in that basket you see on the left- we are a no shoes inside house {too many babies that like to crawl on the floor!} That welcome table is the one that was given to us for our wedding from hubbies aunt and uncle! The coat rack is new from IKEA and we love it! We no longer have a "coat closet" and since this home is older, closets are super small. This is a life saver. The little green chair is the "time out" chair ;-)  From here, the left takes you to the bathroom and bedrooms and to the right is the kitchen.

This is our lovely 1950's Drexel original sectional sofa! WE LOVE IT! The ottoman is still great storage for extra throws and blankets.

We moved the bookshelf in this room as well. It is a nice sized reading/formal living room!

You can see all the parts of our home by clicking here!

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candy said...

What a lovely home.