Sunday, May 16, 2010

Our House: Part Four~ Little man's room

The first bedroom to the left of the bathroom, is little man's big boy room. When we moved here, we knew that doodlebug would be using his furniture, so to make the transition easy, we started him on his new big boy furniture right away. He loves his room!

That is the door to his room from the hall. That dresser we bought with his new big boy bed. The drawers can all easily be opened by him and it holds so much!! Above the dresser, we have a magnetic board from IKEA that I love because it matches so well! The dinosaurs on his dresser are the ones we got from our visit to Dino World! The corner is a small reading area for him to read his Children's Bible {or Jesus book as he calls it}. The pelican is from IKEA and holds his stuffed animals. The wood cut on the wall, is the one daddy did of the two of them in Colorado.

His new bedding and curtains came from {surprised? I was too!}. His big boy bed is called a captains bed. It is a platformed twin that has a trundle bed and 3 drawers underneath that. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this bed! It is super tall off of the ground, and he hasn't fallen off once!

Canvas with fun letters that mama painted for little man

That piece of wood in the corner is his growth chart. We are going to do one for each child in a different stain and line them up in the hallway one day! This is his closet and fun hat rack from IKEA. 

You can see all the parts of our home by clicking here!

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