Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Health scare- post delivery

Coming home from the hospital, I knew something wasn't quite right. I felt "different" than I remember feeling after little man's birth. Something was "off" but I had to keep my focus on our new little bug. We cane home from the hospital on a Saturday and little did i know the crazy events that would put me right back in there on Wednesday. 
Little doodlebug loves to nurse. He nursed around the clock and I just chalked it up as having a baby with a crazy appetite that would surely turn to a chunk in no time. Tuesday we had a really hard time nursing. He would scream and acted like he was starving, but wouldn't latch on at all. I was beyond stressed at the sight of my poor baby screaming and had no clue what to do. He finally nursed and my nerves and body were shot. 
I woke up at 4am shaking uncontrollably and every nerve and muscle in my back felt as if they were ripped. I started crying and couldn't stop and felt as if i was freezing to death. I took a pain pill for my back {chalked it up as a result from the stressful nursing session we had earlier that day} and took a hot shower to warm up {thought i woke up cold do to those "post baby sweats" you get + high fan}. The shower calmed me down and I eventually fell back asleep. 
At 8:30am I got out of bed and grabbed Bug to join my mom and little man in the family room. I sat on the couch and just started crying hysterically. My body hurt so bad and I felt worse than I ever had my entire life. I  started shaking uncontrollably and freezing again. My body stiffened up so much that i felt as if i weighed 700lbs and I just knew for sure I was becoming paralyzed. Hyperventilating, I decided to take another pain pill and shower {as they worked before}. My mom is freaking out at this point and keeps asking if she should call Brian to come home from his first day back at work. I couldn't answer her due to crying and hyperventilating. 
In the shower things took a turn for the worse. I was shaking so hard I needed to sit down {we have a large shower with 2 benches to sit on} but I couldn't bend my legs. I held on to a shelf under the shower head for dear life as I was freezing/crying/hyperventilating. My mom came in every 5 seconds telling me that i was scaring her all the while my newborn needs to be fed {he was crying and hungry} and my little man was watching everything yelling "It's okay mommy, don't cry!" 
I started getting light headed and everything got blurry. My mom screamed "I am calling 911" to which i frustratingly answered "CALL THEM THEN!" I then started throwing up the water and pain pill I just took. At this point, I thought something is really wrong. Then I look down and see a huge blood clot that I had passed while throwing up. It was huge {about the size of a large hamburger patty-TMI
, I know} and all I could think about was the manuals they give you upon discharging you from the hospital. The tons of red flags that scream, "If you pass a blood clot bigger than a golf ball, run to the emergency room!" I just knew I was surely dying now. The paramedics were now in the bathroom telling me that i had to get out of the shower. I was freezing though and told them that I just couldn't. My mom went and grabbed my comforter off of my bed and  wrapped me up in it to warm me up. I tried to walk to the couch while they went and got the stretcher, but I passed out on the couch throwing up. ---> did i mention that my 3yr old is watching all of this, my newborn is screaming to eat, and my mother is having a panic attack?
I finally get into the ambulance and am crying hysterically that my baby needs to eat. I ask them if I am dying about 100 times, to which they casually answer "you will be fine." 
Long story even longer, I get admitted to the hospital by an ER doctor that gives me a speech in one of those "I am about to tell you that you are dying" tones, letting me know that there is a ton going on in my body- multiple infections- and he is concerned. He tells me that if I would have waited another hour, it could have been deadly. My blood was almost completely septic- they even came to retest it because they didn't believe the level of bacteria in my blood. I was sick-very very sick. 
Thanks to 4 IV's of the highest level of penicillin, my wonderful pastor Mark calming me down and reminding me of the Lord's words "Peace, be still." and a breast pump to keep my milk going while my wonderful friend Emily brought by some breast milk for little bug to eat- things were going to be OK. I had to stay in the hospital for 4 days with IV's pumping me full of penicillin to finally get better and beat the infection that was probably caused by breaking my water before delivery {happens in 1 out of 6 births}. The great news is I was admitted to labor and delivery and was able to have little bug up there with me the whole time. 

The best news? I am alive, God is faithful, and I have the greatest friends/family out there.

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candy said...

I have been waiting for you to post this story and I am so glad your mom was there with you. That is a scary story. Glad you are doing well. love candy

Tiffany said...

O.M.G. I am so sorry! That is terrifying... I can totally relate to the "I might be dying but the baby needs to nurse so can you pull the ambulance over?" biological impulse takeover. I am so glad it all turned out okay for you. {hugs}

Casey, Alicia, and Ada said...

That is so scary- I'm thankful you are OK, Bugs got to keep breastfeeding, and Little Man won't remember any of it! And so thankful your Mom was there...

Casey, Alicia, and Ada said...

That is so scary- I'm thankful you are OK, Bugs got to keep breastfeeding, and Little Man won't remember any of it! And so thankful your Mom was there...