Friday, October 22, 2010

Thrifty Finds

Today I hit the mother load of estate sales!
{before you think I am cluttering up my home or becoming a hoarder, please note that I am replacing things in my home with my new finds, or filling up blank space in our huge house}

My sweet friend called me and said that she saw an estate sale while on her morning walk. Since we were already out {went to Border's story time today} I decided to go by and see if there was anything worth spending my "allowance" on that was burning a hole in my wallet.

Here is my loot!

1960's floral suitcase- $2!!
1960's Cannon Royal Family pillowcase-$.50
Unopened 1950's flat sheet- $3
Unopened Tastemaker botanical butterfly sheets- $3
vintage sheet set-$2
Avacado green napkin holder-$1
1961 Avon topaz beauty dust powder box-$1
1960's Avon cotillion dust powder box-$1
2 Atlas good-luck jars {that i just found out are vintage mason jars and worth $50 EACH!!}-$.75
1979 bottle of bubbles and a bubble pipe- never been opened!- $.50
3yrds of vintage fabric-$2
Tons of embrodery hoops to do this and this or this with-$.50
1950's Sewing Susan UNOPENED package of needles and threader {worth around $20}-$1 
1 lg & 3 sm flower frogs-$1
Vintage pinking sheers- $1
Vintage sewing scissors-$.75
Gallon bag full of vintage wooden spools of thread-$4
Hand mirror-$1
2 Glass Rex Non rolling nurser baby bottles from 1940{!!}-$4
Stand mirror-$2

What a steal!!!!

***Edited to add***
Went back this morning because they put everything on sale and got this :)

Old wooden chair-$5

2 more of the Atlas Good luck jars- $.50
Hand mixer-$1
Biscuit cutter- $1
Wooden Slicer-$2
Big Glass jar to hold all of the spools of thread from yesterday-$2
1950's Manicure set made in Germany {selling on ebay for $55}-$1
unopened box of Salve from 1952-$1.50
Happy Home needle and threader set from 1940's-$.75

and not pictured because little man will not let me have them back:
1974 hot wheels car-$.75
1960's tootsie toy car-$.75
and a toy motorcycle- $.25

Well, my mom's Christmas is taken care of! She will LOVE the things I am wrapping up for her!!

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natalie said...

wow!! i'd say you really got all the good stuff before we got there! :) i'm really jealous of the napkin holder and the embroidery hoops. I'm ALWAYS on the lookout for hoops and can't ever seem to find any at thrift or estate sales! good hunting! oh, and i don't usually care too much about wanting old suitcases but that one is GORGEOUS!

J said...

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