Saturday, October 2, 2010

Dedication {with a sneak flash}

In our church we have baby dedications. We don't baptize infants, rather, we commit as parents of this sweet baby and a body of believers, to instruct this child in the way of the Lord. This is such a sweet time for our family. A great reminder at what a sweet gift children are and what a weighty responsibility it is to constantly point them to Jesus and his love. 

Our sweet little family
so so thankful for them!

Pastor Bruce lead our dedication
He has been in our lives before the two sweet kiddos on our hips!

Now, not to switch the tone, but while editing the photos I found something that I didnt notice when uploading . While Pastor Bruce was praying over our family and praying for the Lord to call our sweet bug to know him, Little man turned around to peek and make sure mama and daddy had their eyes closed.

Then turned around and pulled his shirt up!!! 
What a sneaky little flasher!!!!!!
I cannot believe he did that!!! 
What a stinker!

Here is a family shot 
Nana, Daddy Red, Mimi, Me, Pastor Bruce, Daddy, Grammy
Sweet A, little man and doodle bug {in my arms}

What a blessed day!

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natalie said...

HILARIOUS! such a boy!!!

mlzhuff said...

That's hilarious! I'm amazed that the congregation didn't erupt into laughter!