Friday, June 26, 2009

Show Us Where You Live FRIDAY!- Bathrooms

Kelly over at Kelly's Korner does a little segment each Friday to show where you live! I have hopped on the train a little late and probably wont stick to her schedule, but i will each Friday show you a different room in my house! We are in the process of house hunting, so we will be leaving our great little apartment of 3yrs in a few months! This is a great way for me to remember the place we brought our beautiful little man home to!

Today i will show you our attempt to decorate 2 of the crappiest rooms in our tiny apartment!

Guest Bathroom: {from right to left}

the cheesy vanity :-D

I love my scentsy plug in! I also <3 my basket full of bath goodies for my guests!

potty, towel rack and the shower curtain i love!

i love this painting!

Basket of towels for guests

Master Bathroom: {left to right} *warning- we really slacked off decorating our bathroom*

our vanity

shower curtain

cute print from hobby lobby!

well that is our bathrooms- gotta love tiny apartment bathrooms..LOL!

To see other rooms in our house, check out the "Our Home" tab in the categories!

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Phillips Phamily Mama said...

Thanks for stopping by our playroom a while back! Love those rich colors. I'm not even going to post about our bathrooms; I would have to clean them!

Claire's World said...

Cute bathrooms!!! Just think in a few short months you will be decorating your new bathrooms in your new home :)

Muthering Heights and Other Senseless Sensibility said...

I like your shower curtains!

Alicia said...

Oh my, you're too funny!!

I think your bathroom looks good! I like the decor and the colors!!!

Brenda said...

You did a great job decorating, come help me out ;)