Saturday, June 27, 2009

Zoo: Member's Open House

Thanks to a great set of Grandparents, we have a family zoo membership. We have used this all summer and it makes for a great free day of fun! The zoo opens it doors after hours 2 times throughout the summer for a Member's Open House. We went and had a BLAST!
We started at the gorillas this time because we often miss out on them due to nap time sneaking up on us. Little man calls them "monkeys." He had been talking about them all week and was super excited about seeing the "monkeys." However, we we got there to see them, it was a different story. He was a tad freaked out at their comfort to humans and how close they got to the glass. He hopped up into our arms and wouldn't get down for anything.
But, in true little man fashion, as soon as we walked away he asks, "monkeys?" LOL

Then we played at the playground

Little man's first time in sand!! he loved it!!! We had to pry him out of the sand pit.

Then he spotted the water! We didn't bring a swim suit, but he had basketball shorts and since we use cloth diaper pockets- we had a swim diaper. Water time it is!!

We had such a blast! A super great perk of being a member!!
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Honey Mommy said...

That looks like so much fun! We went to the zoo just once this year, but we should definitely go back!

Shives Family said...

JENNY!!! dont tell me you're going to bed early, sister!?

Sarah said...

man!! I'd LOVE to be at that water play area!!! Thanks for stopping by my spot today!