Monday, June 15, 2009

Tickle Monster

For little man's birthday my wonderful Mimi gifted him with a $30 gift card to Border's. Normally I scourer the Bargain books and try to get as many books as I can for the gift card amount. Unfortunately, there were slim pickin's today. We went back to the kid books and looked around only to find this A.MAZ.ING (!!) book! I am SO frugal it is really really hard for me to spend money on anything, especially books when we can walk to our local library! I quickly read through this book and knew I had to have it!! It is probably the most I have ever spent on a book at $16.95, but I must say worth.every.penny!!!

Tonight we read this to little man and he laughed "belly" laughs the entire book! If you are looking for a new book for your little one- this has my seal of approval!!

Have any great books you recommend? We are always looking for new favorites!!

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CC said...

This looks soooo cute!! And I have tons of recommendations on my blog. Just go to the "Marvelous Children's Book" category on the side. :)

sunnymama said...

I haven't seen this book before, it looks great fun!