Monday, July 13, 2009

Day 1: Santa Fe Vacation

12hr drive = over excitement when seeing this sign!

C & C's super cute house we stayed in for our vacation

view from front door

We were pretty beat from the drive so we all took a long nap. When we woke up we went to swim in the neighborhood pool. Little man swam his little heart out!!! Look at that face!

he had a blast with cyn-a

here they are squirting daddy with the little ducky

pooped out from the long and hard swim

For dinner, Ca-res cooked out on the grill the yummiest chicken, ribs and corn. We ate outside and enjoyed the cool 65* Santa Fe night weather.

What a great start to our vacation!!

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Just A Mom (Call me JAM for short) said...

I think C & C need to open up a B & B!
I want to make some reservations. Beautiful!

Pam said...

That looks like a beautiful place to visit. C & C do need to open a bed and breakfast.
I enjoyed the time I visited New Mexico, but it's been a while!
I'm glad you are back too. I missed you! : )
I did have an accident. It was just me in the car and I hit a metal power pole. I was pretty banged up, but am recovering.

Shives Family said...

ahhh!, why do your posts always make me hungry?! i want a vacation too! boo school.

sunnymama said...

What a wonderful place for a holiday :)