Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Day 3: Santa Fe Vacation

The morning began with Daddy and Cyn-a taking a hike up a mountain (those who know me, didn't have to guess that I stayed back and slept in a bit :)

The mountain they climbed

View from the top

The day was spent driving the "Enchanted Circle."

First stop: Taos Pueblo

This is the longest known inhabited Indian reservation. The adobe homes are amazing and it was so neat to walk throughout the reservation and get a taste of how they live!

Shopping in the homes they open for shops

We bought some yummy pies, cookies and bread from this sweet lady! Beside her is one of the many hornos around the reservation they use to bake in!

Before we left Taos, We stopped at this eclectic shop and got some of our Christmas Shopping done! We could have spent an entire day there.

{ok, now i have to post this because of the irony- While sticking my hand out to get this next great shot, a BEE flue into my hand and stung me. Yes, you heard me right- a bee flue into my hand while we were going 75mph, hit my hand which knocked it into the car, it fell in between my legs, shook like it was waking up from being knocked out, and angrily looked for me to sting again. IT WAS CRAZY!}

Next we stopped for lunch in Red River. This was the cutest little ski village! When we visit again, we want to come back and spend a whole day here!

We ate lunch at this yummy Mexican restaurant located at the bottom level of Lifts West. The portions were huge and super good!

(little man was passed out in the stroller)

rest of the drive

we stopped to look at the river

the "camel rock"

The drive was so beautiful

For dinner we went to a biker joint in Madrid. I, of course, had to arrive in style and got to ride with Ca-rez on the back of his Harley. I feel like I did it justice! I look good on one and really really really want one now!

views from the bike

Before we left Madrid, we stopped at Maggie's. Maggie's is the fake restaurant created simply for shooting the movie "Wild Hogs."

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Pam said...

Poor you! How awful to be stung by a bee like that!
The rest of the day looks like so much fun. I would have loved to see the Indian reservation.
Plus, large portions of Mexican food sound great with me!

Just A Mom (Call me JAM for short) said...

You don't like to hike? I hear ya, but it does look like you missed out on some beautiful scenery!

Sorry about the bee! Glad you're not allergic to them!