Thursday, July 9, 2009

Mall Playdate

We moms need the playgroups more than the kiddos half the time! Our mall is great for getting together to let the kids run as we catch up and keep out of the hot Texas heat!

my little man 8-)

aren't we cute

i love how much fun he was having

sweet "j" and her "i'm just too cool for that" face! I.LOVE.IT!

E sliding with his mama

with over 40 kiddos, they still gravitated towards each other! We kept finding them in groups!

One of the cutest photos! little H is stinkin' cute!

R helping her sister A out of the tunnel

... and kept dragging her! LOL!!

She is such a big helper! Big H and little man loved playing with her!

little p

sweet j and little man play so well together!

See ya later, Alligator!

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kiddiescorner said...

Looks like great fun for all the kids. Great photos. Happy WW :O)

Anonymous said...

they look like they had a blast! great pictures :-)

angie said...

what great pictures of your playdate. Looks like lots of fun!

Kyle said...

fun fun! and e's mom pregnant b/c she sure does look like it!
-natalie (under kyle's name)

sunnymama said...

Sunnyboy would love that place!