Monday, September 6, 2010

Eating Raw: Month One Wrap-Up

So, how is eating raw going? Well, I am glad you asked! 

I am really enjoying the way I feel, the way I look {wink}, and the way food tastes! I told myself when this adventure started, I would give it a month. After a month I would regroup, reevaluate and then decide where to go from there. Well I have to say that I am a raw vegan convert. I am keeping it up! I don't miss meat. Sweets and bread are the temptations at the moment. I find I have "cheated" on baked goods the most. I can also say, I pay for it afterwards, making me regret it completely. Those dang chocolate chip cookies and cupcakes!! I am down over 11lbs in a month- the first 8 in 8 days, and every week I lose more and more. I think if I would get my lazy bones up off of this chair that is pushed up to the laptop and exercise {WHAT?!?!} I would lose a ton more {I have 20 more lbs to lose}. 
If only you lost weight typing/surfing/playing on this silly laptop, huh!
Maybe I should invest in one of these

{he he}

ahem. Back to business.
Here are some wonderful things I have made lately with links to recipes!
{be prepared to salivate}

I am throwing out the ol' 'save the best for last' theory and starting out with the most AMAZING raw meal I have had, and maybe one of my top 10 meals period.

Start with a yummy tomato basil crust, dehydrated to perfection.

Add some YUMMY tomato basil sauce.

Next, comes some pesto that is to-die-for! I seriously licked the bowl ;)

Caramelized onions!! My dehydrator had my house smellin' good!

Macadamia nut "cheese" that tasted like goat or feta cheese. YUM!

and you are left with this. Oh if there was only smellernet! It was so so good! I felt like I was eating pizza from a gourmet restaurant.
{this recipe isn't for beginners. it is a bit labor intensive- well worth it- but tedious non-the-less.}

Next, Spanish rice anyone?
This was so yummy and tasted authentic!

I attempted to make some cool cucumber dill soup. 

... this is what happened. ugg. The finger swipe I got out of the upside down blender was yummy.

Coleslaw that tasted EXACTLY like the real deal, only better. No soggy milky yuck-ness here! This was so fresh and sweet- a huge hit!
Recipe for Picnic Coleslaw

Have a steak and potatoes guy? Me too. Here is a dish that won't disappoint! Mashed cauliflower 'potatoes' and portabella 'steak' mushrooms. The mushrooms and onions are marinated and then dehydrated to make super soft like steak. This meal is a huge hit and the flavor is too good!

One thing I love about this, is trying new veggies/fruits that I probably would have gone my whole life never trying. Fennel {or anise} is one of those things you hear them use on cooking shows, but never really know what it is or what to do with it. It smells like black liquorish when you are cutting it, but has just a slight sweet flavor and celery texture. This salad wasn't my favorite, but that is only because I am not a huge citrus fan. If you are, then this salad is for you!!

This is a mexican salad I whipped up, but the crown jewel was the "nacho cheese" sauce! YUM!

Dessert anyone??
This is Raw Chocolate Mousse w/ Strawberries and Cashew Cream! 
That chocolate sauce is death! It is so good I died. The ream was ok, but I probably won't waste my cashews on it again. The rest was too good!!

Watermelon water! YUM!!
Just blend up watermelon and add agave nectar to taste! ta-da!

Anything look good to you?

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candy said...

I think everything looks good but I am worried that the husband will not love it. How did you get B on board? I think I just need to try something here and there to see how it goes.

natalie said...

I will no longer be your friend unless invite me over when you make that really difficult pizza. :) I'll take the mousse and strawberries too. :)

Stam House said...

it all look sooo yummy!!!!! I'm gaining weight just looking at it LOL

Pam said...

Those all look good. Yum! I will have to try some of those.

Pam said...

Okay, I am not sure if the comment posted or not. But those recipes look amazing!