Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Bug is 4 months!

Oh buggy boo, how you melt my heart and cause it to swell at the same time! 

You are the sweetest, cuddliest baby on the planet and you LOVE your mama!!

you love that thumb too... hehe
Yes that is you sleeping in the swing while sucking your thumb
{my heart skips a beat}

That paci isnt so bad either

You had your first bottle this month 
{filled with mommy's milk of course}
You didn't know what to think, and kept looking at daddy with the super confused look on your face. After pushing it away several times, I think we MAY have gotten an ounce down..hehe. I guess no relying on bottles in your near future!

You wore your first pair of shoes this month ;)

This ball is your favorite toy! You have such an easy time playing with it.
{and your brother loves cartoons..hehe}

You are starting to scoot forward off the front of the boppy

comforted after a little rug burn on your face- silly boy!

Video's of my little buggy scooting

Taking a bathroom break

Scooting on

And i took some sweet photos of your little rolls. I know one day they will be all gone and my memory of them will fade. How I love to squeeze you!
{yes i am tearing up writing this post!} 

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