Saturday, September 11, 2010

I have the most wonderful...

Husband in the WORLD!
I woke up to coffee, breakfast and a trail of love notes that led to the sweetest surprise! 

You have to start here to truly see it like i did...hehe.

We are going through some tough junk with little man and his strong will {more on that later} and this was the most thoughtful thing ever. I have such a thoughtful, sweet, loving, self-sacrificing husband and I am truly thankful for him! 

{on a side note- the lady at JoAnn's the other day asked me if I knew how lucky I was. I asked here what she meant and she gestured over to daddy playing with little man. She said, "Very few husbands are as hands on as yours. You can tell he really is a family man and loves you all very much." I teared up and said, "You know, you are right. I guess I am used to how great and wonderful he is all the time that I take it for granted."}

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Stephanie M said...

awwww!!! he IS a really good husband to you AND a wonderful FATHER!! i always knew he would be a good dad seeing him interact with kids growing up, but goodness... he should win best dad/husband of the year!! i love yall!