Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Does whatever a spider can

Spiderman, Spiderman, 
Does whatever a spider can. 
Spins a web, any size, Catches thieves just like flies. 
Look out! Here comes the Spiderman

Is he strong? Listen bud— 
He's got radioactive blood. 
Can he swing from a thread? 
Take a look overhead. 
Hey there! There goes the Spiderman.

In the chill of the night, 
At the scene of the crime, 
Like a streak of light, 
He arrives just in time!

Spiderman, Spiderman, 
Friendly neighborhood Spiderman. 
Wealth and fame, he's ignored— 
Action is his reward. 
To him, 
Life is a great big bang-up— 
Wherever there's a hang-up, 
You'll find the Spiderman!
My SIL has started a little tradition of buying the boy's costumes for Halloween. While in the car chatting, we asked little man what he wanted to be for Halloween this year. Without skipping a beat, he said "I be Spiderman!" I asked him what doodle bug should be and he thought for a minute. "Bug be Hulk!!" He continued without hesitation, "Daddy be Deadpool, and mommy....mommy who you gonna be?" All I could come up with was Wonder Woman, and thus the superhero Halloween squad was born!
Little man got his costume in and wanted to wear it right away! 
{Who can resist that heart-stopping smile??}
We recently had crazy colors bluebell ice cream while visiting Salado. To little man, this is simply "Spiderman Ice cream" and it is his favorite! I asked him if he wanted some ice cream after dinner and of course he requested Spiderman ice cream please! Spiderman ice cream it was, then!
I took some red and blue food coloring, a few bowls and the beloved Blue Bell homemade vanilla.
I took the 2 smaller bowls and put a scoop of ice cream in 
{can you tell little man is obsessed in love with silly bands? 
I added several squirts of the food coloring to make both spiderman blue and spiderman red.
After stirring them well and getting the colors perfect, I added them in the ice cream bowl.
I carefully swirled the two colors together and waaaalaaa!
Spiderman ice cream was born!
{It was a HUGE hit too! *GRIN*}
Just another eventful night in the McClure household!
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