Sunday, September 12, 2010


I am redoing bugs nursery. I have to. It is horribly thrown together and I hate the bedding. It is store bought and super cheesy/bland looking. So, I need your opinion. Which is your favorite fabric or fabric combo? I want to stick with green/brown to use the curtains and other things i have around the nursery that I don't want to replace. I mainly want to redo bedding, throw pillows, and changing pad cover. 

What are your thoughts?  

1. Alexander Henry 2D Zoo Chocolate

2. Ann Kelle Urban Zoology Cheery Owls Bermuda

3.  Carolyn Gavin Wild Thyme

4.  Laurie Wisbrun Urban Circus Giraffes Earth

5. Laurie Wisbrun Urban Circus Pachyderms Earth

6.Jennifer Moore/Monaluna Leaf Stripes Leaf 

7. Jennifer Moore Mingle Circles Cocoa

8. Spa by Rosemarie Lavin 

9. Dotty Mushroom Brown

10. vintage flat sheet twin size Rattan {etsy}

11. 1940s Green Trivet Print Bark Cloth Curtain Panel {etsy}

12. vintage 1970 Sheridan fabric {etsy}

13. Vintage Cotton Fabric {etsy}

14.1970s vintage knit fabric

15. Premier Prints Elephant Printed Cotton

16. Premier Prints Stretch Printed Cotton 

17. Premier Prints Madison

18. ADORNIT Life's A Hoot

19. Doohikey Designs Hooty Hoot

leave me a comment with your suggestions! thanks in advance!

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Breanne said...

Hey girl, after looking i think i like these: #1, 6, 9, 14, 15, &16! i love giraffes and elephants- and owls too- but i think they have already been done a lot! different is better, and brown and green with maybe orange accents would be awesome in my opinion!!! :)

D. @ Tutusnbaseball said...

Love all the elephants! #s 5, 10, 15 & 17 are my faves!!! Although, I think #5 would look gorgeous paired up with an orange.

Stephanie M said...

IT'S ALL CUTE!! i was scrolling though saying "that's cute, that's cute, THAT'S cute!" too hard to pic just one! sorry i'm no help but i know you'll create something FABULOUS out of anything!

Claire's World said...

I love 8 and 15

cally said...

Urban Circus Pachyderms. Totally. With a stripe fabric accent pillow. Love it.

Judy said...

1 and 15 are the most sophisticated and attention-commanding. I think you would be happy with 1 the longest!