Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Scarf Swap ;)

Meredith hosted her second annual Scarf Swap this month. My lovely partner was Kelsey from The Balch Bunch. So funny- we live about 15mins from each other and she actually grew up in the town I currently live! Small world!!!

She sent me this super cute scarf:
{camera is in the shop, so i borrowed this photo from the web ;)  }

and I made her this one {and myself a matching one of course! It was just too cute!}

wearing it in the middle

to the side

and around the neck! 

I may put a few up in my store or etsy- who knows!

Thanks Kelsey!!! Thank you Meredith for hosting it again!! 
Great fun to break up the week!

Click here to see all the swappers! 

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Stam House said...

wow this is a gorgeous scarf, Good job :-)

Kelly's Avenue said...

Too cute!!!!