Sunday, August 15, 2010

Bugs Three Months

Could this baby be any cuter? 
Weighing in at 14.3lbs this baby is getting rolls on rolls! He is so soft and squishy, I could eat him up!! His hair is starting to have a lot of red in it and his eyes are starting to turn brown.
He lifts his head forward and trys to sit up so bad. In the car, he rides in this position almost the whole trip...hehe. 
Here is a photo of his first bumpo experience 

and one now that he has mastered it!

He is quite the talker. He talks non-stop!! cooing and gooing fill our house and what a sweet sound it is!
Talking to daddy

cooing to mama

here is a cute video of bug laughing for the first time, his new best friend {thumb} and his "cry" {if that is what you want to call it...hehe}

Here is a video of him "talking" to mama

Here is bug talking to daddy and trying to sit up

He has become so purposeful with his hands. He holds his knees or shirt while I am changing his diaper {quite the little helper I might add} and is grabbing and pulling toys like crazy. 

Man, I am just so in love! I can't help but fall for this sweet baby more and more each day!

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Laura Stiller said...

So I started watching these adorable videos while feeding Cannon. He opened his eyes and stopped eating just to listen to Quinn! So cute.

the brock clan said...

Zeke was watching these with me and he literally said, "hey!". They are going to have so much fun together! Sweet boy!