Monday, August 9, 2010

Vacation #2- Sea World

After a good nights sleep in a nice hotel with high thread count sheets {oh the simple joys of motherhood}, We headed off to SEA WORLD!! I had not been since 4th grade, and it was about that long for my husband as well. To say that I was probably more excited than little man is a huge understatement! 

bug liked the sheets too :)

We started the day by grabbing a map and show list and planning our day around the shows. {yes I am type A to the max}. The first show we saw was "Believe" {or the one with Shamu to simply state it}.
We were already so so hot! Poor little man's face is so red and bug is making the silliest face! love it!

The next show we saw was "The Cannery Row Caper," with the seals and otters. 

and then we got to feed the seals and otters!!

Little man LOVED it!!!

The we ate some lunch and headed over the the Pirates 4-D movie. Now heed this warning: When the caution sign says that it may not be suitable for small children, DO NOT take your small children. 
that is all. 

The smile before the craziness... poor guy.
{in case you are wondering, the movie blows air in your face, the seats move and water is sprayed on you almost the whole movie. I was even a little started at some parts... go ahead, call CPS ;-)  }

We made it up to little man by feeding the dolphins at the dolphin cove!

Then we cooled off in the aquarium while looking at fish, sharks and coral.

yummy ice cream family photo!

After that, I changed into my swimsuit and we went to the water zone! 

Bug did this:

While mommy and little man did this:

and then daddy and little man did this:

and then this cute thing woke up with a sweet smile on his chubby little face

We ended the day with the last show, Azul. This show was something out of the circus! It was so magical and took our breath away so many times!
This clown started off the show in the crowd, while everyone was taking there seats

The Show

It was such a memorable time. Even now as I am updating my blog, little man is in my lap and remembers all the details from the shows! For it to create that lasting of an impression, is truly magical! 

Cannot wait to go back when bug is bigger too!

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