Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Ain't no party like a Krispy Kreme party...

'cause a Krispy Kreme party don't stop!

Ever been to a birthday party at Krispy Kreme?? Let me tell show you all about the fun that was had!

here are a few of the MANY kiddos waiting for the sugar overload fun to begin

...and just to accurately show you my wonderfully, sweet and super patient son- wait I did say accurately didn't I?
{yes, he is clapping his hands at me to hurry up..hehe}

We started off with a fun little tour of the doughnut factory goodness

little man had help from sweet S that little man calls his "best big kid."

will you just look at that glazing goodness??? YUM!!

Then we got to make our own doughnuts- even dip them in chocolate and sprinkles!!
rolling the dough up

then make the hole in the middle

Then he showed the kiddos how to dip the doughnuts in the chocolate and the sprinkles

Birthday girls turn!

Little man giving it a try

Were they good?? I think this face will answer that for you!

kiddos eating their hand dipped doughnuts!

Me and the boys!

Birthday girl Z and little man! 
{note their sugar crazed faces...hehe}

Gift time!!!
She got the cutest doughnut earrings from etsy

and I made her a doughnut crayon roll!

What a fun party!!! 

Did little man enjoy himself??
What do you think??

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Laura Stiller said...

Oh my gosh - that crayon roll is the cutest thing ever!

McClure Family said...

Thanks girl!