Sunday, August 8, 2010

Vacation #2- Riverwalk

For our second family vacation, we went to San Antonio. Our first day was spent on the Riverwalk.

We ate dinner at the super yummy Casa Rio that was recommended from a dear friend
Thanks for the heads up, because it was delish!!

Doodle bug loved the sounds from the water {and being in mama's arms}!

It was amazing to watch everything from little man's eyes. He was so mesmerized by everything that we so easily take for granted!

Oh, a boat is coming!

I think here is he is saying "Cheeeeessssse..... quesadilla!" LOL

Then we took a boat ride around the river walk
Little man almost couldnt contain himself
he kept saying "YES!! YES!!"
Look at that sweet boy!

Then for a nice stroll around the river walk!

where we heard some great music...

...scored some yummy chocolate and "swirlry pops"

... and this cute mesh bag came home with me ;)

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