Saturday, August 28, 2010

Ft. Worth Stockyards

While shooting my SIL's engagement photos, little man wanted in on the action, and didn't like not being the center of attention {he gets it honest *blush*}. 

Here is little man "being a longhorn" after the herd passed through the stockyards.

During the shoot he would climb up on something and yell, "Look mommy, take a picture of meeee!"

and cracking up at something daddy said

or kissing daddy as I instructed my SIL and her fiancée to kiss...hehe

and since steffy was soooo pretty, he wanted his photo with her too :-}

My mom drove up and joined us for lunch to love on those boys!

Grammy got little man a longhorn balloon hat that he LOVED! Lunch was supa yummy Texas sized goodness!

We got to see the train come through and this cute little man pushing the crowds back.

Then we played around with the cute photo props!

Ridding the wild horse

some rodeo clown he would be...hehe

Great family day :) 
Thanks Grammy for joining us!!

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