Saturday, July 24, 2010

Eating Raw: Day 4, 5 & 6

I have been supa busy with the family the past few days, but wanted to post some great yummies I have found along the way of my raw vegan adventure. 

For breakfast I have been eating mostly huge fruit salads and drinking my coffee with almond milk and honey. Wednesday at sprouts, I picked up some yummy raw granola with freeze dried strawberries in it. It has made the most amazing cereal- honestly better than any cereal {kashi, total, special k, ect} that I have ever had!!! so yummy and just full of nuts and grains!!

For snacks, I just make sure that all of my veggies and fruit are either prepped or easy to prep in a hurry and munch on them. Very easy- and packing them with me when I run errands, etc, make it so much easier to fight temptations every place you go. 

I did make my little man some yummy ants on a log- he loved it!!

For lunches, I have been eating left overs, yummy salads full of toppings, veggie plates, or guac and veggie chips, but I found a new treat! 
This tortilla is completely flour-less and is nothing more than sprouted seeds and grains mushed together and dehydrated. So simple and so so so yummy! It is an Ezekiel tortilla by the way.

For dinner, I fell in love with this recipe and modified it a tad to make it perfect! I wanted to share because it truly is a WONDERFUL sauce, even if you aren't a raw vegan. 
It is a cream of spinach soup with zucchini and squash noodles- so stinkin' yummy i think i licked the bowl! Daddy loved it and cannot get over how much the zucchini and squash resemble noodles. Little man used the sauce to dip the rest of his bites it. so, there you go! now you KNOW it has to be good!!

For dessert {I am the kind of girl that HAS to have dessert EVERY night!}, I finally got a food processor so my options opened up a bit! I made these yummy Mint chocolate chip "cupcakes." They were so delish i almost ate the whole batch in one night {which in this case, would have been fine =) }!!

We have also made tons of the banana soft serve i mentioned in the earlier post and had fun with different add- ins! Separate post on that to come!

Oh, I almost forgot! I am down 6lbs in 6 days too- crazy huh!!
{nice little added bonus ;-) } 

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